Say Goodbye to Dangerous Trees

Say Goodbye to Dangerous Trees

Hire a professional for your tree removal in Mooresville, NC

As beautiful as trees are, they can often cause safety concerns for properties in and around Mooresville, North Carolina. If you have a cracked, diseased or poorly located trees, contact Ricks Tree Service. Our team offers tree removal services to help you stop accidents before they occur. We'll cut down the tree and haul it away so you won't have to worry anymore. We'll even clean up your yard once we're done.

If you want to keep the tree for firewood or mulch, we'll chop it up for you and leave it behind.

Get started now by calling 704-677-4453. We'll set up your residential or commercial tree removal appointment.

Know when to remove your trees

If you put off your tree removal too long, you could run into safety concerns. Ricks Tree Service recommends cutting down trees before they put you and your property in danger.

You should contact us for residential or commercial tree removal if...

  • They're growing too close to power lines.
  • They're diseased, damaged or broken.
  • They're blocking your landscape or view.

We offer 24/7 emergency services for dangerous trees. Call us now to set up your tree removal.