Don't Let a Stump Lower Your Property Value

Don't Let a Stump Lower Your Property Value

Leave stump grinding to the professionals in Mooresville, NC

Chopping down a broken or damaged tree is just the first step. To get rid of the tree completely, you need stump grinding services. Ricks Tree Service will take care of your stump removal in Mooresville, North Carolina or beyond. We'll grind down the stump and fill in the hole to make it level with your yard. We can haul away the mulch or leave it behind to fertilize your yard, depending on your preferences.

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3 reasons to remove a stump

After cutting down a tree, you're often left with a large stump. The removal process is easy with help from Ricks Tree Service. Our stump grinding team will bring all the necessary equipment to drill drown and remove the stump for you.

We recommend removing a leftover stump because...

  1. It's an eyesore in your yard.
  2. It can create a tripping hazard.
  3. It attracts wood-eating bugs.

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