Prepare Your Property for Construction

Prepare Your Property for Construction

We'll take care of your lot clearing job in Mooresville, NC

You can't build on cluttered land. Before you can start a construction, landscaping or remodeling project, you need lot clearing services from Ricks Tree Service. We work with property owners in the Mooresville, North Carolina area to get rid of broken trees, old sticks and other debris. Our hauling services will leave you with a clean, construction-ready lot.

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Lot clearing is a multistep process

To clean up your lot properly, Ricks Tree Service handles everything from the initial assessment to the end-of-service debris hauling. We'll make sure your lot is clear and ready for the next project you want to tackle.

As part of our lot clearing service, our team will...

  • Pick up trees, trash and other foliage.
  • Blow leaves, sticks and dirt away.
  • Haul leftover debris off the property.

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